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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like....

We are a full week into December and Christmas is in full force around our house!

I really wish we had some bushes or at least some more yard! But we work with what we have and I love it. The little reindeer we got our first Christmas died this year, Papa was sweet enough to get us two new little reindeer and named them "Jack and Lily."

Mommy's Princess village is a constant source of amusement for Johnny, but when Ella came to visit today she had to organize the princesses so that each one was in front of the correct castle. This organization came with a lecture for Johnny from Ella about being careful and what not to play with.

My mother got this for me when we moved away, (though we never stayed away.) It has always been significant for our family since before I can remember.

I love the way our dinning room turned out! See the light up garland draped over the curtains and the candles in the window. And the Christmas tree candle holders on the wall!

The Ornament table runner and star candle holder, I keep forgetting to get candles for it.

Here is the rail that goes up the steps where I wrapped a second light up garland. Johnny and Lily each have a wall where we keep their current pictures and also where I will hang their special first Christmas stocking when the season comes around.

The kids are also really getting into the spirit! Johnny LOVES reindeer. When I asked him if he wanted to write a letter to Santa he said "and the reindeer too." I picked up this inflatable reindeer at the dollar store and it has become his new best friend. (I also point out the Rudolf head band and Bumble shirt, so cute!)

Johnny played hide and seek with his reindeer all afternoon! He would put it someone, (under the table or swing) then he would run and climb under something else then yell "Momma we hiding."

Lily has so much Christmas cloths from her cousins making it easier for Momma to get some special items just for her. Like his ultimate Christmas bow, complete with white fur! and her shirt is a gingerbread girl holding a cupcake and says "Too Sweet."

I also got her some candy cane leggings and made up this onze with an iron on transfer and some puff paint.

We have been watching Christmas movies and Christmas specials of Sesame Street, Wonderpets and Dinosaur Train. We listen to nothing but Christmas music, you can't over do it since you only get a month to really enjoy it.

I just love this season!

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lori said...

Very pretty and your little ones are adorable !