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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Family Pictures

The last time the Dennison clan did pictures was 4 years ago and the only grandchild that we had was Ella...now look at us :)

We are a good looking family

I had been wanting a nice family picture and picture of our kids together since Lily was born. So I was so happy to get these!
"The girls" Ella 6 years, Samantha 18 moths, Piper 6 weeks, Lily 6 months

"The boys" Wyatt 2 years, Johnny "Jack" 2 years 9 months

Grams and Pops and their Sweeties

I cropped Johnny out of a picture of him and Wyatt becuase this angel face was just too funny.

Even though getting all 6 kids to sit and smile was a challenge I think the entire photo shoot went very well and the pictures turned out GREAT, we even had fun! Thanks Grams and Pops for organizing this and thanks to Thomas, Natalie, Charlie and Michele for bringing your families and looking so beautiful!

I wanted to note that you don't see a lot of Lily's trade mark huge smile in these pictures. Lily had not had a nap that day and she had been really off her schedule for 3 days straight, really not getting nearly enough sleep as she needs. Lily is an amazing baby and any other baby as off as she was would have been screaming, Lily just wasn't smiling as big...we are so lucky! I will always be thankful and proud when I see these pictures.

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Jen said...

Love the pictures!