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Monday, March 17, 2008


Karen came in and said that she is about 7cm, but her cervix is 100%. Jenn is a little frustrated because she thought she would be further along. The contractions about been 1-2 minutes apart and pretty heavy. She can't talk through them at all. She's moved to the ball to help breath. The contractions are not suppose to get more intense, just lasting longer. This is the toughest time, right now.
The midwife said it could still be 2-4 hours. She's really tired, but trying to remember how long she's been doing this and 2 more hours really isn't that long to wait for your son. They talked about giving her sleeping meds or something small to dull the pain, but Jenn still wants to do this without any meds that would make her or the baby groggy.

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