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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still No Baby!

Poor Baby her feet are sooo swollen. She wouldn't let me take a close up of her belly since it's now covered in a red flaming rash!
Relaxin' with Ella Grams here again. We went for her appointment and everything is progressing but she not quite there yet, she even lost a pound. The rash has them a little worried so they took some blood and will check her liver enzymes. If they are high they will induce this week end. If not, she's decided to go ahead and set it up for Wednesday (that was the earliest they could get her in without an emergency) Her sister in law, Natalie is not happy about that decision since her delivery went so wrong and she blames it on the induction. We're always worried but I think she's ready! Say a few prayers for us all and I'll be in touch. Oh Ya! Jen's brother will be taking video during labor and adding it to the blog for Shawn but you'll all get to see it!


tlu1981 said...

Bless her heart! Give her my love!


Natalie said...

Man Grams, you make me sound like such a pessimist! I am sure everything will be fine...you know I just worry because I care! She is definitely ready...come on Johnny, I can't wait to meet you!