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Monday, March 17, 2008

Jenn's getting some rest and Nubane

Jenn's really tired and feels like she needs to get some rest to make it to pushing, so she is opting for a dose of Nubane. It is a mild narcotic that should take the edge off the pain for about an hour so she can rest. She is doing great...we are so proud of her.


Michele said...

Hey! Michele here. I'm sending Charlie screenshots of any update on the blog via e-mail since his stupid work won't let him access blog sites. Tell Jenn we love her and we will be there as soon as we can. I'm so proud that she's doing so well!

OranMor said...

Wow Jen! Go-Girl-Go!!!

You are in our hearts, thoughts and prayers. It is truly amazing to see the look of strength in your eyes. Like Michele said, "We all love your, and proud you are doing so well".


Tara said...

Go Jenn!!!! :) :)


Uncle tim said...

Hey! Aunt Loraine here. Hang in there your doing geat!