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Monday, March 17, 2008

John Robert Branson

Shawn You're a Daddy!!!

Born 12:44pm, March 17, 2008
8lbs 1 oz
20.25 inches long
Jenn screaming "Oh my God, he's so beautiful."
Talking to Daddy for the First time

Talking to Grams and Pops for the First Time

First tears for Mommy


OranMor said...

Welcome to the world, John Robert! Congratulations to all! Jenn, you did it. He's a beauty.Blessings! Keep the pictures coming.

Erin said...

Congratulations, Jennifer and Shawn! That is one LONG baby! He is beautiful and looks just like you, Jennifer! You did and "OUTSTANDING" job!!! :)
Love, Erin

Tara said...

YAY!!!! Go Jenn!! I was on Yahoo with Shawn the whole time. We're proud of you. By the way I just got my books today, you're the best friend in the world!!!

Love ya hon