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Monday, March 17, 2008

A few more hours, no a few more hours, no a few more...

Well, we thought we'd have this baby by now, but he's proving to be stubborn and slow. The midwife said he is unpredictable. They just checked her again (new midwife, Jasmin) and her cervix is 100%, the baby is down, but she is only at 8cm on one side. The other side is ready because she was laying on her side. They've had her lay on her other side and given her another dose of nubane so that she can sleep. It is still expected to be a few more hours from here. Jenn is getting frustrated at the little progress she is making, but they say it is still progress and that is good. Since she is making steady progress, a C-Section is not in play and is not a needed option.
The contractions are still steady and still tough, but they are only last between 6-8 seconds. Jenn is being very careful not to take any meds that will cause her or John Robert to be out of it at the time of birth. They have offered her and epidural and it has even been discussed, but Jenn pushes the idea out right away. They say there is no risk now because she has done most of the hard work and would only serve as relief to her.
Shawn has been communicating on Yahoo Messenger with me and is updated the second someone comes in the room. I am transcribing there words to him.
Right now Jenn is trying to fall asleep and I suggested Shawn go and do the same so he is awake when this happens and not worn out for work tomorrow.
Feel free to respond if you have any thoughts or concerns. Any words of praise I am reading to Jenn.


Tara said...

I am not sure I could do it without the medicine! Jenn is tougher than I could be. We're all proud of her!!!


nancy said...

Don't be afraid of the epidural. If it is safe and can help you to be more comfortable when the time comes you'll appreciate being able to enjoy the birth a little more. Jenn is a tough cookie an epidural won't change that. I'm glad they stayed with John Robert.
Love Cookie