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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Not Until March 17

Karen the midwife came in and did an exam. She was at 4cm, like before, but since the contractions had slowed down it had closed up a little. She has now worked back to 4cm. The Pitocian is doing it's job, she is having many more contractions and she is starting to feel them.

Right now Jenn is resting because they said there is no way the baby will be born today, March 16. That brings up an interesting question. He will be born on St. Patrick's day...should the name Patrick be incorporated in some way. Such as
John Robert Patrick Branson
Making either a double middle name or a double first name.
Please add your input and ideas.

(I like a double first name...John Robert is sweet!)

We will update soon with more pictures and contraction news.


Uncle tim said...

I was actually thinking the exact same thing. Even if he doesn't ever use the third name, It's still a great idea! If you use JohnRobert as his first name he will probably become JR.

Aunt Loraine & Uncle Tim

Tara said...

I like it actually! Patrick is a great name regardless, and I think with the birthday it would be cute. Give Jenn our love

Tara and Tim

nancy said...

I knew you would have to use Patrick if he waited until tomorrow. John-Robert Patrick Branson is a strong name. Just be careful not to turn him into a leprachan! The story he'll tell of how he got his name contnues to grow. Do you remember the Dick VanDyke show, their son Richie's middle name was Rosebud they used the initials of their family names. Remember when we were talking about what to call him and Ella said he should be called John-Robert. Love, Aunt Cookie

karafluter said...

How about Johnny O'Robert Branson, or just change the last name Johnny Robert O'Branson.
I also need to know how Brutus is handling all this, he is a delicate creature and needs lots of love.

Kara and Mark