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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yard Work

So I decided to make my garden into a container garden...just makes more sense for us...so here is the start. I am still not sure on the spot...for sunlight, with the shade of the fence and everything.

Johnny oh so wanted to help! it didn't work very well.

He also wanted to plant a bubble tree :)

Our nicely cut front yard..I did that :)

Our nicely cut backyard :)

The yard Fairy came to visit again....Papa brought us outside toys and tables (he made the ones my plants are on) and this storage container...that is Johnny making sure Momma dosen't go far.

Baby Hand print smudge.

That is our yard. Thanks for the advice on the garden!!! I will keep adding pictures! It is so much fun.

We are planning on going to the Maryland Fairy Fest this week end, but it is suppose to rain all week end pretty bad. A nice lady I emailed said she would let me know if she thought it was nice enough for Johnny. I will be disappointed. Shawn is sick, so it might be a no go all around.

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Tara said...

Looks great hon!! Let us know how it goes. Sometimes container gardening is just so much easier, besides you can always change location to give more sun to plants during the day if you want!