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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fairy Fest 2009

Showing off his "equal trade" musical rattle...he picked it out himself.

Finding the dragon tail that Momma snuck around his waist.

The adorable little horns that made him the hit of the show! At first he tugged them off a lot, but he got used to them and didn't touch them!!!

It was so humid that all of his hair curled like crazy!!

Traveling the world.

sooooo cute and having sooooo much fun chasing bubbles.

Just happy with Momma.

Then Napping with Momma

We found the children's section had a lot more stuff for him to do then I thought...he loved these tunnels and made some friends inside them too.

He found it very entertaining when another little boy was using the hula hoop, it made them the most exciting thing all day.

It looks like he was jumping through, but really he was falling...not hard though.

He gets this treat of chocolate milk when we do these things.

This was a puppet show that Johnny just LOVED...clapping and giggling. He even got to meet the dragon after, but didn't want to sit in his lap.


So according to the weather report it should have been thundering all day...HA!!! We went to the Fairy Fest anyways (momma had been looking forward to it for a long time) with the knowing that we would leave as soon as the weather got bad....it was cloudy all morning...then the sun came out!!!!

Johnny really enjoyed just running around and everyone thought he was adorable and he was willing to smile and giggle for anyone.

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Tara said...

Looks so fun! Glad Johnny enjoyed it, his horns are completely adorable :)