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Sunday, May 17, 2009

soooooo smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Playing at Uncle Chuckles Johnny quickly took to this toy, where you put the blocks in and it sings, he loved filling it then dumping it.

When Doogy first came in Johnny didn't like her because she jumped a lot, but after she calmed down they like each other a lot!!

Look how big he has gotton...yes that is a big spider on his shirt and 2T cloths!!

Grams and her new "boys"
Chasing Doogy with these toys!

See how smart, he figured it out right away! With no help!!!! just picked up the yellow circle and found where it went and put in it and then looked for it again and the cycle continued! The square was harder...but he enjoyed this toy so much I am going to see if I can find him one and get him practicing.

And just for good measure look how cute my nephew is! and his Momma playing "this little piggy"

It was a nice afternoon playing at Uncle Chuckles house while Papa put up a fan in Wyatt's room.

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