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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The growth of our grass in the backyard.

The jungle across the fence in the neighbor's yard...they moved out a month ago.

The very first step in Momma's Organic garden!!! Seeds, soil, and water...that is all.

The proposed spot for Momma's Garden. We have about a month before I can plant the seedlings and this is the current spot we are thinking about...right next to the house...away from the kid's play area. I am concerned it dose not get enough light and isn't big enough, but we will keep an eye on it.

And because this is a blog about Johnny....

My Mother's day gift was an Organic gardening bag, utensils and seeds from the Disney store. I wasn't excited at first, but when I sat down to plant the seeds today I had to much fun!!! It really filled that part of me that has been longing to create. I have Lavender, Chamomile, Cucumbers, Green Beans, Cantaloupe, and Little Pumpkins!!!! I really have no idea what I am doing :) seeds in pots and water. I guess I should read some more before I plant the seedlings. We have some cleaning up of the garden spot to do and Natalie is giving me some stuff from her garden like strawberries and herbs!!! It is so sweet to have a piece of her garden in mine. I have a rose bush out front, that hasn't done much yet.

We also got a visit from the lawn fairy today...ie Papa stopped by and dropped off a lawn mower and weed waker, just dropped them off and left, like Santa...when I pulled into the drive and saw them it was like Christmas morning...I never thought I would be so excited for lawn work. But I spent most of the day in the yard and mowed three yards worth (granted they are small yards) since the houses on either side of us are empty....I was so productive! and it felt great!


Niff said...

I think my green thumb is really black - I kill plants. I always have the best of intentions, though! I even killed a cactus - who does that?

Good luck with your organic garden! I bet the lavender and chamomile are going to smell lovely. You should plant those in the front so when you get a nice breeze, the aromas carry in the windows. :o)

Grams said...

Great idea about the lavender! Make sure to plant them out of the reach of little "picking" hands.