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Friday, May 15, 2009


For those of you who haven't experienced "the look" here it is... it is part curiosity, part anger, part..."why momma...why?"

We got this water cooler two months ago and have been fighting with Johnny to keep him away since then. He quickly learned how to use it to get the cold water out (the hot water is locked) It is hard to distract him and get him to accept it because he thinks it is funny to go back and he has amazing way to stay on track with what he wants.

And here is how we stop the dumping of out water, I always say that I just want to teach him to stop, but sometimes block aids are necessary.

So today Johnny boy is extra into everything, he pulled my purse off the table and emptied it.

"NO Momma...you stop"

He has learned to climb up without using a step up...nothing is off limits to his destruction ever again.
I took this a week ago...during a rough day when I put the "momma's little helper" shirt on him as a sarcastic act....I was making lunch at the stove and the next thing I knew he pulled the bag of cheese off the counter and had it opened and enjoying.

But he gave me a flower!!! He went on a walk with Daddy and picked it himself, then brought it to me and dropped in my hand...and has officially started to give kisses...well you ask him for a kiss and he opens his mouth as wide as he can like he is going to bite your nose!!! It is so sweet!

The binky will be going away soon...my goal is 18 month no more binky...at 24 we start potty training, but I am very pointly not thinking about that yet!

The weather looks like it might be nicer then forecasted so Fairy Fest MIGHT be back on, trying not to get to excited. Shawn and I went the in 2007, months before we got pregnant, with my friend Tara. There was a cart that sold bean and corn quesadillas and I craved then throughout my pregnancy and never got one :(

Also we are praying and thinking a lot about my sister-in-law Natalie who is 7.5 months pregnant with their second daughter (due C-section June 23) and has started to have VERY bad migraines. It is rough on her, with 40 days left (the theory is that the migraines are coming from the hormones of being pregnant) we are hoping they don't get any worse. We love you Nat...
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Tara said...

MMM those quesadillas were AWESOME! I want to come to MD just to get one! :) I hope the weather holds up and ya'll go and have a blast! It's sweet that Johnny gives kisses now :) One more month...!