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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

14 hours no binky

So here is the story...I wanted to let Johnny keep his binky until 18 months...he just likes it so much and it was like Momma desperately clinging to the last remnant of having a "baby."But some how over the last few days every binky we owned has gone missing. How dose that happen? I can count at least 10 we owned in his current size...where did they all go? Johnny had a binky right before his bath last night, but he hid it. When it was time for bed there was not a binky to be found...so we decieded to go for it. Lately his need for the binky had become insain...he would be happy and smily and then see and binky and cry becuase he wanted it so badly...time for binky to go away. He woke up a little early this morning and complained a little extra, but is now asleep for his nap with NO PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!!! Just laid down tosed around a little and then fell asleep.

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Grams said...

Do you have a plan for when he starts finding the lost binkies? LOL