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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

24 hours no binky

Every Tuesday Papa stops by the house after work to get a little extra time with Jack...I really love it when my Dad dose this, I get a chance to hear about his day and watch him play with Johnny...he always smiles so much and he gets the smile lines around his eyes (see picture below) which I love!!! and by the way he gave to me :) The greatest Papa ever and my favorite Daddy.

How dose baby plumber butt happen? I will tell you....ummm no I will not...if you know though...:) Yes sadly that is our coffee table upside down in the background...Johnny discovered how to climb on it alone and thinks it is funny when he takes a step off and we have to catch him...the more we redirected and got frustrated the funnier he thought it was...I am hoping he forgets this game shortly so I can have my table back.

OH MY what beautiful big eyes you have!!!

We made it through our first full day no binky!!!!!!!!!!! Johnny did find one today, but I got it from him before he realized anything. He has been great!

I have been trying for two days to post a great video of Shawn teaching Johnny to hit the ball of a tee...he dose an amazing job...likes to play catch and tries to put the ball back on the tee after he hit it...he claps and gets really excited when we all cheer and expects it now...so much fun...I will try again :)

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Jen said...

Great Job Johnny! They grow up WAY too fast!