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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Who Hair Bath Time Fun

Look at all that hair!!!! When you pull it out of it curls you would be surprised how far down his back it goes...we spray it down and comb it every morning...if he was a girl there would be barrets everywhere...lucky him :)

OHHHH Daddy what have you done :) (daddy thought this entire thing was very funny)

So I thought it had been a while since I put a real update of what Johnny has been doing lately...things have been a little crazy here, but hopefully calming down now. Samantha's birth is less then a month away and tomorrow Papa has an in and out procedure for a hernia he has...so maybe not fully calming down :)

Johnny has started to really talk...he will repeat most things you say and babbles a lot...he has nite nite fully down along with, hello, Momma, Dadda, All Done, up, down, meow, doggy and that is just what he says on a daily basis....he is so smart.

Johnny has quickly learned to stop eating when he is "allllll done" and his likes and dislikes seem to change on a daily basis. Recently he loves, noodles, peanut butter, strawberries, bannans, cheese, chocolate milk, and cucumbers...these are thinks he will eat every time and as much as I give him. But he rejected recently, shrimp, mash sweet potatoes, and mushrooms (he pushes it out of his mouth with his tounge or throw it o n the floor)...all of these things he has eaten in the pasted so I will just try again.

Playing outside has been his most recent favorite activity. He often grabs one of our hands and walk us to door and winnes until let out (he wines a lot lately) or we say no and he eventually gets distracted. Johnny loves to sit in his sand box and just lift the sand or dig in it, nothing complicated...he also loves trying to "help" me with my garden or dumping my plants.

As far as discipline goes, we try very hard to use "stop" sign it and then redirect...he has gotten great at signing back "stop" It is often that he chooses when to hear us and when not to. But often he does a great job at moving away when we tell him to, with the exception of going behind the computers...cords are just way to much fun. He has started fits, throwing himself on the floor or crying and rubbing his eyes. We try to redirect and calm him down...or just not give him the attention until he calms down or gets side tracked. Most of any of our parenting is done moment by moment what we think is the best choice for him.

That is enough for tonight, later I need to write about naps and missing binky time...thanks for listening :)

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