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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend 2009

Filling up the cup under the faucet and then drinking from it...this was a full garden tub...huge...Johnny had a great time with his baths here.This is the spaghetti insanity that led to the need of a bath...look at those teeth, he has SIX now!

Johnny sneaky like stole this popcorn and had the greatest time with so much popcorn...it was like he found a hidden treasure chest!

First ever trip to a swimming pool...not so much fun for Johnny...the water was not quite up to his standards.

Grams gave Johnny his own ice cream while Mommy was paying in Children's place...he loved it and Grams earned some Johnny brownie points

I didn't think Johnny would like this little ride as much as he did, we spent two dollars so he could ride this...

Johnny and his little cousin Wyatt being cool and rebels...look how big.

All three kids...all three car seats...one car :)

So this looks sweet but in reality I was keeping Johny from falling into a trench..but no one need know...shhhh

There was a place called Funland on the board walk...I didn't think he was big enough...but he was and enjoyed most of it...

This is the one ride Johnny did not like...he kept looking for us, turning around and crying...they had to stop the ride early...I felt bad...but he was getting tired.

Uncle Tommy did a GREAT job taking pictures on beach...

Mother's day was a LOT OF FUN...but poor little baby was all tuckered out.

This year Grams had her 50th birthday on Mother's Day so our entire family went to a beach house in Rehoboth Beach in Delaware. We did some outlet shopping on Saturday and then on Sunday we went down to the beach and let Johnny experience the beach and the ocean for the first time. He like the beach and picking up shells and rocks (and hording them and eating them.) He didn't like the waves as much, except to run from them and then chasing them. Then we went to a Funpark and the kids got to ride some kids and play some games...the day really was so much fun! At one point Johnny was given some kettle corn as a free sample...he liked it so much that he hide it from me behind his back and then wrapped his little hands around it holding it to his chest...to keep Momma from taking it from him :)

This Mother's Day had a lot more meaning to me. Last year it was more about getting Shawn home and in manic trying to figure out this motherhood thing. But this year I really felt like this day meant something extra for me...time to sit back and see what it means to really be a mother and after more then a year of being a stay at home mom and settling into life with Johnny. As usual I am having trouble finding the words...Nothing else matters any more...being a Mommy makes me happier then I ever thought I would be. No matter how dirty the rest of my house is Johnny's room is clean..because it is fun to play with his cloths and other stuff...even to fold his diapers....I just love being a mom.

Happy Birthday Grams...we love you!!!


Tara said...

Happy 2nd Mothers day hon! Those pictures are fantastic and it looks like you all had so much fun! I miss the beach! (real beach as opposed to lake beach LOL)


Grams said...

Thank you for all the work and planning to make the week end so special. Mom

ps. we'll have to show the picture of the boys in the car to their friends when they turn 16

Natalie said...

Great post as always Jen! Thanks for sharing so much of your self with us!