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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Busy Day

I am not sure he gets the point of going down the slide :) or not eating sand for that matter

This quickly became his favorite out door toy...he enjoyed crawling in and out of it....such a big boy.

This morning wasn't so good....when we wouldn't let him turn off Daddy's monitor over and over again, he threw a fit...he doesn't do this very often, We are still going very strong with no binky, so we tried to calm him and this is right after he crawled out of my lap and decided to truly let us know he wanted what he wanted right then...it is hard right now to know what to do...we just try to redirect him and calm him down...he eventually got distracted.

Daddy's day was rough...he had his four wisdom teeth removed...two of them were impacted with his nervous, there fore had to be cut out. He looks like a chipmunk...there is nothing in his checks...just swollen.

We got a great visit from my sister in lawn Natalie and my niece Ella...Natalie will be having a C-section in a month to bring my newest niece Samantha into the world!!!!!!!!!!!! ps doesn't she look great?

Isn't it so sweet? Ella has gotten so big it is frightening!

Momma's garden update...I have to water three times a day some days with as much as the sun has been shinning lately...we have cucumbers and chamomile already blooming a little!!! It feels so good to have started from scratch.

So today Shawn had to have his wisdom teeth removed, we had to go to the other side of Baltimore, so it took more then a hour to get there. He was actually under for a while, hooked up to all kinds of machines and stuff. But while Mommy and Daddy where there, Johnny got to spend the morning with Grams and Pops, Ella and Chloe...they went to a book fair at Uncle Tommy's school and got three really good books...then went to McDonalds and got to play and have his very first hamburger!! He loved the tunnels as usual :) Then we all got home and Aunt Natalie came over for dinner and some outside play...Johnny really loves his cousin Ella and chases her around calling out her name....it is so clear. Also he is great at saying "ALLLLLL Done!" when he is done with meals or bath or anything...even when I change his diaper he will say alll done over and over as he struggles to get away :) STILL NO BINKY!

So I am working on getting the first year of this blog printed out professionally and made into a book, so if I am more descriptive or emotional from now on, it is because I am imagining Johnny reading this at his wedding in 25 years :) **tear**

On a last minute note...Johnny got to feed the ducks today at a pond near Grams and Pops house...however Johnny thought the duck cookies where very yummy and refused to feed them to the ducks but ate them all himself...

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