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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pool Fun

Johnny was not a big fan of the pools, he was scared and latched himself onto the one who was holding him and wow was he winny, but Uncle Tommy did a great job of getting him to enjoy a little.

This he did like, just a little waterfall, until he accidentally got his face too close.

having fun with Ella and Chloe in the back ground.

Not quite sure what is wrong here, slides are not scary, but Johnny would beg to differ.

When we took a break from swimming there was this tree house and large play area inside the athletic club, this kids really really loved it all. This was an obstacle course to go over and under and threw things...this particular padded obstacle was not big enough for him to go under...but he did calmly.Ella doing her rolls down the mats...such a big girl.

Yesterday we had a lot of fun with Uncle Tommy, Ella and Chloe (johnny's daily playmate and our friend's daughter) Uncle Tommy gave me a free 5 day pass to the Bel Air Athletic Club where they have a summer membership...it is a really nice place. All the pools where heated so the water was nice and warm and when we went inside they had a lot of really fun things for the kids to climb around. It was a very nice day with my brother.

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Niff and Andy said...

Looks like he had a blast!!! Who wouldn't?!

Btw, I don't blame him for not really liking the water all that much. I'm terrified of it! Unless it's a shower or a bathtub, I'm not getting in it!