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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Samantha settling into the world

Hi there pretty girl, it is so wonderful to meet you.

Enjoying the dolly Aunt Nenni made just for her

gotta love the button nose!

Proud Uncle Shawn, getting used to such a tiny baby

I couldn't get enough of holding her, any extra moment I could get.

Johnny had a good time meeting his new cousin (I have no pictures...see here)
But got a little wound up and Uncle Tommy took care of that :)

Today was long but very calm. Nat had a scheduled C and everything was so smooth and everybody is doing very well!!! It is so wonderful to have another niece and another friend and cousin for Johnny. Johnny got and lost interest in the baby on and off as we where there, but he did say "baby" in reference to her...it was very cute..I know he wants a baby brother or sister.

I now have 2 nieces and 1 nephew...I found myself naming off there birthdays today and making lists of things I wanted to do with them and knit for them...I love all the babies and especially this new one, I hope with all of my heart she is a good friend for Johnny and he is for her.

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