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Monday, June 15, 2009

boxes, cleaning and organized toys

Chloe and Johnny always have a lot of fun together!!! He gets excited when he hears the doorbell rings and she calls him "johnny rocket" :)

isn't he soooooo big?

hey finally being productive :)

tucking himself in with this afghan crochet by my great grandma, my parents gave it to us for our wedding.

peek a boo
the pelican came from Ikea and the truck and blocks he got for his birthday.

I love this book rack, walmart for $25 and only board books.

Downstairs toy area all organized...this way they are not all over the place...at least for now.


Natalie said...

Beautiful! It all looks great! Got to love that Swedish ingenuity!

Grams said...

Good moms can make anything fun