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Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Best Monkey Daddy

Happy Father's Day 2009!!!
I hope that Johnny always understands what his Daddy has done for him and how much he loves him. He never choose or wanted to be gone for his birth, but without hesitation he picked up his 2 month old son and did everything he could to care for him and show his love. He moved us back home so Johnny could grow up with his cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents and to this day Daddy works 8-12 hours a day including 2 sessions of Pt and every night makes time to play with Johnny, help Momma with the house and give the monkey a bath and bedtime ritual!!!! BESTEST MONKEY DADDA EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look at the big boy who loves this dora baby doll. He even carried it to church squeezing it all the way. (church did not go all that great, he got wiggly and board so he went to the nursery care, for the first time with people he didn't know, he had to have special treatment...the sweet lady held him and let him watch Veggie Tails and eat Teddy Grams) oh and this is the outfit that Great Grandpap got him for his baptism!!! I thought it would never fit.

So this is Papa playing the shrimp game with Johnny...this is where Papa makes the shrimp dance and talk until you eat it...this is why Momma doesn't eat shrimp any more.

This is what "Jack" got Papa...a specialty made hat!

"Allllllllllll Done"

Daddy's Father's Day gift was a computer game he had been eyeing...and some water balloons and squirt guns to play with Johnny.

Our Father's Day was spent with our family and our Papa. We went to a movie with Papa, Thomas, Nat (and Nat's mom), Chuckles and Michele and we had this picture done by Thomas made into a slide and put up on the screen...he really liked it. Afterwords we went to my parent's house for chili and deviled eggs and some time together....it was really nice.

Tuesday we finally get to meet our new niece Samantha who will be born via C-section and I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!! I can't explain what it is like, she is just my niece but I loved her the moment that her Daddy told us she was coming, I started crying and every time I think about the moment of seeing her I start to cry again.

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Jen said...

I love the ALL DONE picture! Too cute!