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Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I was laying in bed this morning listening to Johnny talk to himself through the monitor (trying to will him back to sleep) and I was realizing how much he has grown up in the past few months. Here is a list of things he has learned that I was scared of teaching him:

Momma Stop Mushing....when we moved in with my parents around Christmas time to get settled in Maryland I was mushing all of Johnny's food in the magic bullet, my mom said that was crazy and I should just give the toothless wonder the steamed pieces of veggies, and it worked...made feeding him a lot easier...since then he has slowly started to eat what we do with almost no exceptions...to day he won't let me feed him anything or brush his teeth...he must do it all himself....9 months

Bye Bye Bottle and formula....Johnny got stomach problems and a temporary lactose in tolerance around 9 months and the bottle usage dropped a lot and then around 11 months he got his first ear infection and it became painful for him to use the bottle so we just stopped using it. He was such a fervently good eater enjoying all types of foods, so it wasn't hard to get him all of his required foods and he started a liquid vitamin...11 months

Bye Bye Swaddler...Johnny no longer needs to be swaddled when he sleeps, he just became physically to big, so he learned to deal...12 months.

Rocking to Sleep no more...Johnny just got so big so fast and started to fight the sleep position...we started laying him in the crib awake, knowing when he was tired....in the beginning he would cry for a few minutes then lay down again and was fast asleep...it was too easy...12 months

No More Co-sleeping....since Johnny was a few weeks old I would pull him into bed with me for a little bit in the morning (so I could sleep longer) It became my favorite part of the day and was harder for me to let go then him. But one morning he woke me up at 8 am instead of 5 and was ready for the day...no morning cuddle...13 months

Bye Bye Binkie....Johnny does not use a binkie for any reason anymore...this we did not do on purpose, we lost them all and then we learned to deal without...14 months

Baby no more...I have a toddler in all his wonder. There are many things ahead, but he is so smart, he has made this mother hood thing too easy...except giving up the baby, but I got the toddler in return.

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