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Thursday, June 25, 2009

growing, hudge feet

current shoe, size 6 on left, keepsake first shoe on right, size 3.

so I like to think of myself as a photographer sometimes...I have considered classes, but lighting frightens me, but Thomas was doing some very cool stuff yesterday, so I might change my mind.

So I pulled out Johnny's keepsake cloths today because Grams is going to make a blanket out of his cute onses, and I found these shoes...this little monkey's feet are huge and they just keep getting bigger. He skipped size 4 shoes and was only in 5s for a month or so, leaving us scrabbling to find 6 wides! But cons always fit!!!


Natalie said...

I like the mixed shoes, cool shot. Look at your laces and how they lay, make sure you're not cutting anything out of the shot unless it is for a purpose (like feed or the ends of laces). Focus the camera, zoom in and move around the objects looking for lines and space. For this you want to show the different sizes, keep that purpose in mind. You do a great job, I love some of the pictures from the hospital that you took.

Mommy Jenni said...

wow thanks Thomas!!! I hadn't even noticed I had cut out the laces, it will make me watch closer next time. Thanks for the advice!! and I am glad you like some of the pictures from the hospital, thanks for letting me be involved!