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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To see Papa and hammock fun

After Johnny's nap Papa got some sweet quite time.

But before his nap Johnny wanted to tell Papa it would be okay, but he had a lot of other stuff on his mind too....like chasing Ella around the house.

In the bottom pictures Grams was spinning Johnny around and around and he really liked it until the dizzyness became a shock and Grams had to comfort his spinning little head.

Me messing around with some sweet pictures of Johnny in my parent's hammock.

Grams took some pictures of Ella in the hammock too.

So today we got to spend some time with Ella and then off to see my parents...It was a fun day.

Papa had some more tests done to find out why he is having some of his more life interrupting symptoms. Thankfully he found out that he has no major blockages and only one minor one...so his heart is going strong...but he still feels pretty bad pretty often, andwe aren't much closer to making him feel better. I like to think that all these grandkids make him feel a little better...so we took Johnny (and Ella and Chloe) over for a visit and had a great afternoon playing at Grams and Pops house.

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