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Monday, June 1, 2009

Playing Around the House...tools and computers

Dashing to the rescue toys in hand...Papa and Grams took him and Ella to the toy store this week end and he got tools...my big man.

Fixing the door

So whoever is keeping track he can no longer fit into his truck...but he still tries.

He loves climbing into this chair...and these are the new pillows Momma made..by the way look at those bottom teeth.

Jedi master Johnny...you want to take me outside...come momma...you want to take me outside

Shawn found this free keyboard banging game on line and Johnny loves it...looks like a big boy! And yes this is exactly why we saved and spent to much on the super fast gaming computer.

We where just running outside to water my plants and Johnny decided he wanted to play in the sand...so he took the top off....how strong and smart...officially harder to hid stuff from him.

I just liked this picture in black and white...the overalls and everything.

So nothing really new today...oh wait...Johnny blows kisses now!!! I think he is saying "I love you" since he does it every time I tell him I love you. It is great!

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Tara said...

Oh my goodness the tool thing is so cute! Just when I said oh that's cute!--- you posted something even cuter :) You devil