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Monday, June 1, 2009


Just a rectangle, folded, hemmed and sewed together and poof you have a pillow case...a iron on monkey and some fabric paint...yes those are his hand prints...but he wiggles, so we will just always remember that he wiggles...later I am thinking about adding some thick ribbon on the end.

I built this toy box (well I put it together)....painted and then realized I didn't have enough paint or a sealant. I had to order more paint since the green I liked was discontinued...I used glitter paint around the edges and I have some wood letters and wood jungle animals I will glue on after I seal the paint...I love it!!!

I got 1.5 yrds of this material and these are the scraps...made into pillows...I am amazing...I can make pillows!!! wow :) actually the fact that I remembered how to tread my mom's old sewing machine...I am pretty proud of myself.

So Johnny needs a toy box...there are toys EVERYWHERE so I got a kit and have been working on it..to make it special...I had a Bambi toy box when I was young...I used to climb into it :) Also Johnny has gotten old enough to have a pillow and blanket when he sleeps...to make him more comfortable...so he uses knit blanket I made when he was born and then this special quick sew pillow case.

This is what I did with my Sunday.


Jen said...

Great job! Where did you get the toybox kit? I have been looking to make them a toybox and we REALLY need one!

Mommy Jenni said...

JoAnne Fabrics! Special buy...$25!

Tara said...

beautiful job!!!

Niff and Andy said...

Looks terrific!!!

Grams said...

The Bambi toy box you are referring to was just four pieces of wood your father nailed together, I painted white and then glued the store bought Bambi wall hanging on to the front of it. You DID enjoy emptying it and climbing inside more than you enjoyed the toys. Wasn't that yesterday?