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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

18 Month Well Baby

This morning our 18 month old had his 18 month well baby check up! He was so good!! The dr was amazed at all of his developments, he is ahead in everything. The dr said 10-20 words would be average for his age, Johnny knows at least 30!! Everything she asked us if he was doing he has already mastered and moved on!

Johnny is officially
33 lbs and 2 oz which means 99th percentile
34 inches tall which means 88th percentile
his head is 19.69 inches which means 94th percentile

wow that is a big kid!!! But super healthy and the Dr was very impressed with him in every way, especially that he was taking interest in potty training, most boys don't until they are 3! We spent a LOT of time talking to the Dr and she just reinforced everything we where doing and was really supportive!

After the appt Johnny had to have three shots (flu, Hep A #1, DtaP) Johny did not make a noise!!! Just layed there and held Daddy's hands, it was like he didn't even notice the shots! After the shots he had to have some blood taken (a routine lead screening that they do between 12 and 18 months) I was so scared they where going to have to go into his arm and pull out the blood, but they pricked his finger and squeezed it out. This time he had a lolly pop and didn't notice the lady squeezing blood out of his little finger!! He didn't fuss at all the entire visit! He is such a brave and good little boy!!

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Grams said...

Of course he's advanced, we always knew it!