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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Trip to PA with Grams and Pops

Sunday night Johnny went with Grams, Pops and Ella to surprise Great Grandma Joyce for her birthday.

Apparently Johnny doesn't like to sit in the car...he does like to "no no no no no no" to ask to get out of the carseat.

After the 3 hour drive to the hotel Johnny got to play with Ella and Grams and Pops, climbing back in the tub after he was already done with his bath.

Playing cards with Ella.

Grams said this crib was cute, but not so big, but reading bed time stories to Elmo is pretty cute.

Breakfast in the morning...Papa said Johnny ate like a horse.

When they got to Great Grandma's house that morning, it was a great surprise to have Johnny scared out of his wits of Great Grandpap Steve, he is 6 foot 9 inches. Apparently Johnny cried (with tears) and had to have his binky, Elmo and two pieces of candy to calm down. Eventually his did calm down. And poor Grandpap really wanted to play with Johnny!

At Ihop for lunch the waitress gave Johnny apples instead of crayons...good idea :)

Then eating his first grilled cheese sandwhich, and shared Grandpap's water.

Great Grandma Joyce was very happy to have this surprise for her birthday.

The ride home was more fun, Johnny decided to share his binky with Elmo, becuse Elmo needed it more.

Elmo feels much better!!

And so does Johnny!

I really think that Johnny had a great time with Grams, Pops, Ella and Great Grandma Joyce and Great Grandpap Steve.

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Grams said...

He is such a sweetie! I can't imagine how boring and depressing the trip would have been without them.