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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fall Festival at St. Margrets

Today we went to see Papa so we could all go to the Fall Festival, It was a fun day! The entire day really took me back to my childhood and the Ox Roast Fair we would go to every year and all the beer fests in Germany.

As we where getting in the car Johnny was very concerned about Elmo (he had fallen on the ground), so had to buckle him in in the next car seat, and Johnny felt MUCH better, and we all got to the carnival in one piece.

Our day didn't start great, Johnny is apparently not a big fan of rides, but he survived and we moved on to the rest of a happy day.

Johnny wasn't so sure about this really big slide, but in the end he LOVED it!! They did it a couple times, Johnny kept running back to it, spending some time with Uncle Tommy.

Daddy thought it was time for a game, so they went fishing.

Johnny lost intest and wanted to play with all the prizes, but Daddy won and $5 monkey.

Uncle Tommy haven some more fun with Johnny.

Some skee-ball fun! Johnny got the hang of this quickly. He loved it when the balls would be dropped and then he would take two at a time and hurl them towards the goal.

After some good fair food (pitt beef and hot dogs) Johnny decided to play a game with Aunt Natnie and Ella by running away and having them chase him! They all had a really good time.

Papa says " you want one the these?" :)

ahh dessert! He held it so danty like! The entire time he ate it, he held it like that.

And then some games that the monkey could do all by himself...games I remember from when I was a kid...pick a lolly pop, if it has a mark on the bottom you get a prize, if not, you get a lolly pop :)

This was his favotie game...duck pond. Pick a duck, any duck and the number on the bottom dictates what size prize you get. But really Johnny just wanted to play with ducks.

Another fun Saturday with our family!

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