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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday Fun

Sunday was a really nice day!!! We had one of those sweet week end days where you feel so relaxed and at ease. We spent the morning and afternoon playing with Johnny and having family time, I took a LOT of pictures.

The morning started with some cleaning and putting down the foam alphabet blocks in the play area down stairs, Johnny helped.

He really liked being able to walk on something and feel it under his feet.

Though after Daddy spent time organizing and moving everything around to have them laid out, Mommy and Daddy let Johnny have free play and he was playing quietly for about 10 mins when we hunted him down and found this...Johnny decided the blocks where much more fun to play with then to walk on.

So Momma got them all laid out and organized the toys, the downstairs play area now looks really great and Johnny loves it too.

After cleaning the house, Daddy made brunch, french toast and sausage, Johnny got his own fork and knife, such a big big boy.

In the afternoon was just play time. Daddy and Johnny read some animal stories and Johnny worked on saying the names of the animals...snake was his favorite and it came out "nake."

He kept turning back to the page with the snake on it.

With this new interest in snakes Momma pulled out the snake scarf she made him and it was very entertaining, for a few minutes.

Daddy showing Johnny "nake" in the book and then to the scarf.

After the snake lost it's entertainment value, Johnny realized Big Bird was a bird, another animal out of the book Daddy was reading, it was all very exciting.

Trying to read Big Bird's mind or Jedi mind trick?

Moving on again to the alphabet snail, when we all sat around and sang the alphabet song, Johnny thought it was hilarious! and clapped with it.

Daddy and Dooggy thought chasing Johnny is circles was fun and so did Johnny.

This is what happened when they caught him :)

As the day wore on we thought to call Grandma Sharon and GG and see how they where, they where fine and very excited to hear from Johnny.

and then when they saw him! We really need to do this more often!

Johnny seeing Grandma Sharon up close with the camera.

Johnny went with Grams, Pops, and Ella to see Great Grandma Joyce in PA for her birthday. For the past 5 years or so Grandma has come here for her birthday week end, but this year she hasn't felt up to traveling. I know she will be really excited to see Johnny and Ella! We will have Johnny back tomorrow.

Shawn and I took advantage of no Johnny time and had dinner at Outback with my brother Thomas and my sister-in-law Natalie. It was a really nice time! It means a lot to me to be getting closer to my brother and his family the older we get. He was always a role model for me, and now he is my friend.


Tara said...

Oh those videos are great sweetie! He's so smart :) The pictures are fantastic too!

Where did you get the floor piece? Just curious as Kat seems incredibly determined to bounce her head off of everything we own, including the floor :)

What a great blog, I feel like I spent Sunday with you LOL

Grams said...

He seriously cracks me up :)