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Monday, September 7, 2009


Okay quick note...I just got back from picking Johnny up from my parent's house, after his week end trip to see Great Grandma Joyce, first I was greeted with an excited leap into my arms, then Johnny taping my arm and saying "Momma" and hugging me...very sweet. Then he showed me how he can say Papa and how he spent the day looking and calling for him!

But the exciting thing is what happened at home. We where enjoying Johnny being home for a few minutes, walking around, talking to him, when he poops in his diaper. Promptly he says "need diaper" and points to his diaper. OH MY GOD!! But wait I am not done, so Daddy takes him upstairs to the bathroom to get ready for bed and notices him pushing to poo more, so Daddy puts him on the toilet and JOHNNY POOS ON THE TOILET, he was very excited because we where!!!!! Thanks to Grams and Elmo's Potty Time Johnny might be ready for potty training!


Jen said...

We LOVE Elmo's Potty Time at our house!

Grams said...

I think he is ready but I know you don't want him to grow up. Just take it at his speed and one day the diapers will just be gone.