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Friday, September 25, 2009

5 Weeks Pregnant

5 weeks down and ONLY 35 weeks left to go.

This week I felt like the week went by fast, one day I am only 4 weeks pregnant and the next I am 5, but at the same time I realized how far we still have to go! How long it will be until we know the sex, or get to meet the baby. This week the excitement started to slow, and the worry set in. Thinking of all of the dangers and how delicate the baby is right now, there is still more then a month before we can hear the heartbeat, and 2 months before we are safe in the 2ed trimester. It is hard to just go through the day without thinking that everything I do and eat and breath is going to the baby. I don't know that I felt this scared when I was pregnant with Johnny.

Momma added some extra folic acid and calcium supplements to her diet, as well as drinking organic milk with DHA and light V8 Splash (fruits and veggies in juice form.) This week was about settling into being pregnant again, going to bed earlier, eating better, and avoiding what I should avoid, such as cleaning out the litter box, blue cheese, lunch meat, and caffeine. But also this week I hung up ALL of the maternity cloths I have inherited, there are a LOT of really cute cloths!!


Grams said...

I remember how scared we were last time and you found out at TWO weeks. We didn't buy anything for the baby until we heard the heartbeat of course we were worrying about Shawn too!

Mommy Jenni said...

I suppose 2 years later I know it was well and healthy so I don't remember worrying, but we sure did