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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Some More Antics

Johnny is at Grams and Pops house tonight after seeing Sesame Street Live, from what I hear he had an amazing time and was really good!! It just got me thinking about him and all of the stuff he has been up to lately. He seems to be into everything lately and his personally has become very amusing!! Sometimes it is hard for me to not laugh at him as I am trying to tell him to stop.

The picture from the crib from last night, the flash of the camera didn't wake him after 10 shots!! But when I left the room he smoothly removed his arm and rolled over! no big deal

He has gotten to the point now when he sees Momma put a DVD in the player he moves Daddy's chair and climbs in to it to watch his movie.

Oh such a big big boy. We are not stressing the potty training, but he likes to climb on the toilet! We have gotten poo in the toilet once and pee about five times. It is nice to start this without pressure and just getting Johnny used to the toilet.

This older high chair is from my Grandparents house that I requested and I love, normally we keep a stuff animal in it in the dinning room, but yesterday Johnny removed the camel and used the kitchen chair to climb into high chair and prepare himself to be feed, as usual.

Daddy has learned a method of snuggling with Johnny that he calls "the cat method" where you just relax and stay still and Johnny will snuggle with you. As Mommy is always trying to squeeze and kiss and snuggle close to Johnny and he always runs away. Of course more Elmo helps Daddy maintain the snuggle.

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Grams said...

Does he wear pants?