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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sesame Street Live

Thursday Johnny got to go to Sesame Street Live with Grams, Pops, and Ella. I got many phones calls that night from excited Papa telling me how great he was being and how sweet and excited he was. Everyone had a GREAT time.

Ahhhh dinner at Grams and Pops house, yummmmmmm!

On the way to PA for the show. Johnny and Ella sat in the back seat of the car talking to each other, Johnny was roaring.

Getting his suvernier...surprise a ball :)

The seats they got where four rows from the stage!

I love this picture, even though Johnny is looking away and Grams eyes are close, but Grams is smiling and she really looks happy!

A 90 min show, who would think that a 17 month old would have the attention span for that, when it is Elmo anything is possible! He sat with Papa the entire time and watched very attentively, not once did he want down or throw a fit. Just pointed and said "wow," a lot.

At this point in the show Johnny peed on Papa!!! All the way through his diaper and all the way through Papa's shorts!!!! So during intermission Johnny got a new set of cloths, and Papa was still cover in pee, but it was okay!

When Momma was a little older then Johnny she got to go to Sesame Street live with her Uncle Mark and cousins Michele and JR. I don't remember a lot about it. I remember having a really good time, I remember it was about aliens and I remember getting a balloon! So I asked Papa to get Johnny a balloon too...so they paid $10 for a big Elmo head balloon, when I picked up Johnny the next day the first thing he said to me was "balloon" and pointed to it, before even hello.


See how his eyes never leave the stage even when eating cotton candy.

I am not quite sure what happened here, but it looks like it was fun....and still Johnny is undeterred from staring at the stage.

Going home, notice only one shoe, this is when it was learned that Johnny no longer wears a size size shoe!! His feet are super fat and the shoes kept falling off.

That night he and Ella stayed the night with Grams and Pops. When everyone woke up and went into Johnny's room he got really excited to see Ella!!! He squealed and jumped up and down and called out her name.

OH NO he dropped Elmo, whatever will he do? Who will come to his rescue?

Big cousin Ella, that's who :)

I really liked this picture as Johnny is playing with the fish mobile he used to when he was a baby.

Everyone had a really good time at Sesame Street Live!

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Looks like all the pictures are fuzzy in the middle :(