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Friday, September 18, 2009

4 Weeks Pregnant

So today I am officially 4 weeks along, that means 36 weeks left to go...wow! I thought that every Friday I would post a picture in this dress and an update of that week. Admittedly I didn't want to post a picture this week, I retained a lot of weight from the last year, and I don't look all that great, but I wanted to start this, and have a point of reference.

So this past week as we learned we where pregnant, we spent most of the week excited and in shock. Momma has been really tired!!! Falling asleep almost randomly, and having little energy. Momma switched from the fertility vitamins to her chewable prenatal vitamin and set up her first appt for October. We have discussed gear we have and gear we will get or borrow and how to clear out and set up our extra room for the baby. We have even thrown around names, so far we have Lilly or Aurora for a girl, but boy names we are a little stuck on. It has been a very exciting week for all of us and I know it won't get any less exciting as the weeks go on. Sometimes I think that it all hasn't set in yet, I don't think I feel that we are pregnant and I keep reminding myself, and Shawn. We are at the beginning, again :)

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