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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Family Togetherness for Aunt Chel's Birthday

Aunt Chel turned 28 on Thursday and Uncle Chuckles got her a plane ticket to come home and see her family and all of us. Yesterday we all got together at Grams and Pops house for crabs and cheesecake...it was a lot of fun!!! Johnny really loves his cousins!

As soon as we walked in the door he found Sam and ran to her and hugged her!

And when she got sad he gave her her binky.

And shared his cookie with Daddy, for some reason feeding adults is very funny.

Johnny became the carrier of corn, taking the corn from the shucking place to the cooking place...and only eating a little in between.

Johnny now has TWO baby cousins, so the big boy sat and ate at the table with the grown ups...look at that big boy.

Momma made her home made mac and cheese again, not as good this time :( But Johnny still really loved it!

In fact he thought that everyone should "share"with him, so if your plate was with in reach of him, he was eating off of it...thanks Aunt Natnie :)

Cleaning up his mess, he used the pan to sweep.

Time for some pictures and Ella loves her cousins too :)

Look at that FOUR grand kids!!! That is a pretty cute bunch.

"Little" Sam, now 7 weeks old...holy crap that girl is big! and cute and sweet!

Wyatt now almost 9 months old, in the hat Aunt Nenni made for him, he was a sweet heart all night, and very happy to see everyone.

Look at the look on Johnny's face, he was so excited that he was really being handed Sam!!!

Uncle Shawn making "kissy" faces at Wyatt and having him laughing.

Some Uncle of Johnny's let him play in a piece of cheesecake :) Johnny loved it...of course.

After cake and presents we are sat around and let the kids play, Johnny hopped around to make sure maximum playage with everyone, he started on the chalkboard.

They roughhoused "with" Wyatt. They played with his door for a while, opening the door back and forth.

Then Johnny decided he wanted a hug...after this Johnny climbed over Wyatt and tried to wreste with him :)

After Wyatt, Johnny found Ella and Aunt Natnie building. Johnny inevitedily knocked over the towers and then tried to help rebulid them, Godzilla toddler.

But Aunt Natnie forgave him :)

It was really nice to see Michele and Wyatt again, since now they live in Ohio, and to have all the kids together. They where all very well behaved! and sweet and loved to play with each other.

I think I took something like 86 pictures last night, so here are the rest of them

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Grams said...

He sure did make the rounds! They are just so happy to see each other. By the way Samantha is NINE weeks old, sooooo big!