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Saturday, July 3, 2010

One Month

One Full Month as a family of four! It feels like it was never just Shawn and I.

This time just one month ago Johnny was meeting his little sister and now he expects to see her everyday and hunts her down when he doesn't know where she is.

Aunt Chel, Uncle Chuckles and Wyatt came down this week end to celebrate Uncle Chuckles 30th birthday and meet little Lily. Aunt Chel just couldn't get enough of Lily and would hold her as much as possible.
And what looks like Uncle Chuckles third niece with red hair...even if it is just a hint red.

So some how we made to through the first month. I feel like we still at the beginning adjusting and learning and changing each day and yet I feel sad that she is already a full month old, some how my mind is telling me in just 11 months she will be a year old and that feels like tomorrow.

Lily is a great baby! She is cuddly and always sleeps better when she is being held, and when she is being held she snuggles into you as close as she can get. She nurses during the day and gets 1-2 formula bottles at night and that helps her sleep great. We are getting into a nightly routine of nursing at 7, bath and then bottle along with some cuddling before she goes to sleep in her sweet bassinet in her room. When she wakes up, usually around 12, she gets a full formula bottle and right back to sleep right next to us and awake again around 5 and then we start nursing about every 2 hours. She is awake quite a bit during the day, she plays in her gym, in her swing, or stares at our faces with her big dark eyes.

Shawn heads back to work on Tuesday and we will settle into our daily lives and Mommy will learn to manage the toddler and infant during the days. I am much less stressed about this step then I thought I would be, I am truly blessed with sweet children and I am really looking forward to three of setting into a routine and enjoying our days together.

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