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Thursday, July 15, 2010

6 Weeks Old

Our Lily is growing just as fast, and sweet, and smart and beautiful. She is mostly a good baby! But when she is upset the entire house knows it! and you better give her what she wants when she wants it :) Mostly that is to be held, feed or propped up so she can see what is going on.

Lily's smiles just keep getting more beautiful!

I will always treasure this picture. Grams still remembers my first smile, it was a Cookie Monster doll with rattle eyes, we still have the cookie monster and Grams still tells the story. Papa remembers Johnny's first smile, he remembers that I tickled his thigh and then a huge smile just jumped to his face! For Lily it is the mobile above her swing, that is what makes her smile the most.

Lily got her first dolly this week. Mommy really likes it, my little girl is such a sweet little girl.

This past week we changed from disposable diapers to our cloth diapers. We got some new GroBaby diapers that adjust size and should fit until she is 35 pds! They are wonderful, however they DO make her butt big...very big diaper butt!

This is a picture of Mommy when she was 17 days old...my mom says Lily has my face and expression here.

We learned this week how much Lily is growing, she is so observative...and would prefer to be propped up some where to look around then held and rocked...like a baby. She wants to see and know EVERYTHING! She is always tossing her head around, chasing lights, bugs and Johnny! Sometimes as Lily in on her gym mat and Johnny will run around her doing whatever it is he does and her eyes follow her where ever he goes.

Mommy has finally been getting back to her knitting. In the works right now...cupcake butt pants for Lily, a large quilt blanket for Johnny, new cupcake hats, and bibs!

Alright she is officially sleeping through the night!!!! We have adjusted her feeding to fit life and her demands a little better. I am nursing her around 7 pm, she will sleep until 2 am, when she gets a 5 oz formula bottle and then she sleeps until 6-7 am when she wants to be held, so we cuddle until 7:30 or so when I nurse her again. She gets formula through out the day, just about every 3-4 hours! I am really happy with how everything has settled and I feel like we have the best of both worlds.

And becuase Johnny loves his little sister, here he is...he often tells everyone that Lily is "SOOOOOOO pretty!" I hope they are always this close.

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Jen said...

Got to love the fluffy butt of a cloth diaper! Picture please!

Where did you get her doll? I can't find a doll that Anna likes!