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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth Of July....From the Branson Family of FOUR!

Aren't we just so cute?
This is the cutest! This jean outfit was Ella's 6 years ago and Samantha's just last year! They each wore it on their first 4th of July.

Midday we headed to Grams and Pops house for a small cookout with our family and a gathering of all five grand kids! Oh boy did these kids LOVE playing with each other. Wyatt and Johnny sat quietly and played in this home made sand box for more then an hour!

FIVE beautiful babies! Wow those are some good genetics and sweet kids we have going.

After our afternoon we hesitantly headed down to Havre de Grace for a carnival and fireworks. We where very worried about traffic and crowdedness, but it was really easy and we got a great parking spot and only had to walk a few blocks.

However the carnival was more for older children and Johnny was too small for 95% of the rides and games (not to mention each ride was $2 a per person per ride!) So we got some ice cream and spread out our blanket on a close spot to watch the fireworks.

That is what Lily thinks of expensive carnival rides :)

We pulled out the glow necklaces I got a dollar store and Daddy showed Johnny how to make a glowing facial hair.

Lily in her second patriotic outfit of the day after she spit up all over the first one...but still prettier every second with her chubby checks!

And Johnny had not taken a nap, so by bed time, as we waited for the fireworks he was a little wound up, but that just means even more fun to play with!

Radioactive Daddy.
By 9 pm Johnny was saying "need nite nite" and laying down on the blanket, so we laid down together and talked about the glow necklaces some more, he could not have been more sticky.

Daddy holding little Lily. she dosed on and off all night, but the lights and sounds from the carnival kept her up mostly.

So after sitting and waiting for nearly 3 hours the fireworks finally started. There was a tree a few yards in front of us and to the right a few more yards, with clear sky on eaither side. We thought there was no way this one tree would cause us problems....well what bad luck everything they set off was directly behind this tree! So Daddy took Johnny closer to get a better view, then midway came back to let me take him down for the ending.

Johnny got a little board toward the end, but when the finale came on he sat in aww very peacefully on my lap and it was wonderful, one of those moments where you really feel happy and connected and the world is at peace.

What a great end to a busy and fun day!!! We had our babies in bed by midnight!

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I LOVE LOVE LOVE these kids!