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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Johnny Playing

Johnny has always been smart, adventurous, strong, curious and very amusing... but some days I take a step back and really see him and all of this sets in again...he is just an amazing child!

Yesterday Uncle Tommy gave him a set of roller skates that Ella never got a chance to use. After falling asleep in the car with them in his arms we had to head right outside for some skating. We only had 10 minutes before a massive thunder storm was setting in.

I was very worried this was going to be me pulling him around, however he didn't want a lot of help from me, he was up on his feet and more or less steady.

But falling down is part of learning, and again he wanted to try and stand up himself before he got my help.

And in no time he was a pro...more or less :) It might take a little more work, but I was still in aww of my TWO YEAR OLDs ability to skate on his own and his lack of inhibition to try anything!

This morning Johnny was playing on his own, when I realized I couldn't see him. I called out to him and all I heard was a soft giggle. The more I called out the more he giggled. I found him in the space between the couch and the recliner, with most of his dinosaurs and other "friends."

It was his Johnny cave!

And he wanted me to hunt him out.

And find him.

He is just so creative! So many times we see him with odd mixtures of toys, we know he is well involved in some game, but he is really the only one who knows the rules. He has no problem playing by himself and sometimes even tell us to go away or say "I go play now, okay? bye bye" But he also needs to see us when he wants too. He does not like to be in another room or by himself, and if something is going on with Lily like a diaper change or bottle he is right there "I need see Lily"

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Grams said...

He is so fun to play with!