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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Finally a beach trip with Grams and Pops

After canceling and moving our trip to the beach last week about three times, we finally made it on Monday! Weather report said storms all day so we almost cancelled again, but the sky was clear so we chanced it, and we where very glad that we did. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun!

Johnny knows this beach now and knows what to do as soon as he gets there, like grabbing his toys and heading to the sand! Papa has been missing Ella and Sammi, so he had been looking forward to this beach trip and getting some play time with Jack.

It didn't take long to head into the water.

And as always Papa was more then happy to do whatever Jack wanted to. I love these pictures when my dad is smiling!

But Lily decided she didn't want to stay asleep in her shade maker, so Grams got to hold the little cupcake tight and they both had a great time.

Doesn't he just look so big? He pulled his chair over and laid out all of his lunch!

Then Papa took the kids on one of his famous walks, they all always have a good time walking with Papa.

On this walk Johnny found a bird feather, when we showed him the birds he really wanted to give the bird back it's feather "up in the sky." He never really did give up we just had to leave.

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