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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Johnny's Burn

There is no one who doesn't know what has happened to our precious Johnny. At a family party in Ohio on Saturday he fell onto a fire pit and now has second degree burns on his right hand and forearm, we are lucky that is all that he burned. It has been an emotional and rough few days, but we are all getting through.

He wears a bandage now and has an appointment at Johns Hopkins Burn Center for tomorrow and from there we will know how to care for and how to help him heal in the best and lest painful way. His energy level is still good and he still wants to play, but is careful with his arm. He is a very sweet and good boy.

Emotions are running high and it is hard for me to write more, but it is important to me to keep a log of life for my children to look back on. It is hard to think that this has happen to him. We have all learned lessons, but the most important thing is to get Johnny healed.


Jen said...

So sorry about Johnny! Glad he is in good spirits! My boys have that same PJ top :-)

Grams said...

I can't wait until all this is just a memory that we need to look back at the blog to remember. Right now I feel I will never get the vision of him falling out of my head. We love you Jack!

Karrie said...

Unfortunately, these sort of things happen. He seems like such a sweet little boy and with all of you who love him, I'm sure he will recover and not even remember. Kids are resilient and love is the best medication.

Your kids are beautiful inside and outside. It's amazing to see how much they look alike, too!