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Monday, July 12, 2010

First Smiles and Ironbirds Games

Sunday we took Grams and Pops season tickets to the Ironbirds here in Aberdeen and took Johnny to the game, while leaving Lily with Grams and Pops for the first time.

It was Women's Appreciate night at the stadium, where everything was pink and said "save 2ed base" as a portion of the process went to breast cancer research. We got this pink baseball and Johnny would not let it go, except that he lost two and we had to go ask for a third for him. "my baseball"
Grams and Pops gave him $5 and this is what he chose to get! A huge cotton candy.

Sticky cotton candy face.

A large piece fell off and it was like...well...a giant piece of yummy sugar to just tear into.

Oh ya he had a hot dog the midst of the sugar as well, Sunday is always dollar hot dog day.

He did watch a little of the game, but his attention span was short.

So we found the kids section and Johnny's most fun....the bouncy house!

Look at my big boy bouncing with the other big boys, he did fall quite a bit, but that was part of the fun I think.

While Mommy and Daddy took Johnny to the game Lily had her first alone time with Grams and Pops and SMILED FOR THE FIRST TIME!

It is just the sweetest thing ever!

I was a little upset at first that I missed it, but Grams always does a great job with pictures and now we are entering a new phase with Lily where she will start to enjoy us and interact with us!!!

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