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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bells Palsy

I feel so ridiculous! I called our primary care doctor this morning because for the past week the left side of my face was going numb and limp. My eye was blinking slowly and not closing all the way, my smile is sideways, my tongue feels burnt, and my check is drooping. My doctor could not see me because there was a chance it was a stroke, left side means stroke. So after a week of dealing with Johnny's burn, Shawn had to come home again to take me to the emergency room! It took three hours for the doctor to confirm that is was just Bells Palsy and send us on our way. My father has had Bells Palsy as well as my brother Charlie and both got over it. The ER doctor says we may have caught it early enough that an anti viral may clear it up completely. Or it may go away on it's own in 3-6 months (family pictures next month are out.) I just feel so silly.

What a week we have had! We are done with crisis, we are done with hospitals....we are ready for life to be normal again!

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Karrie said...

My dad had the same thing happen to him. The doctors decided it was Ramsey-Hunt syndrome instead...similar symptoms. It happened when he was under a great deal of stress. You take care of yourself! Never feel silly about going to the doctor or the er...you never know what it could be and your family needs you! You are a great mom and you need to take some time for some tlc for yourself!