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Thursday, March 26, 2009

One Year Check Up

Just so everyone knows...Johnny is a super healthy super large monkey boy!
26 lbs 1 oz
31 nches tall
head circumference 18.9

90th percentile all around. He has gone down from 100th at his 9 month appt, which means he might be evening out...yeah! and boo at the same time.

He got some shots and that made momma hystarical. I was surprised how upset I got about the shots. He got his MMR which makes me nervous, and the guy who did it said that is the one that hurts and made him cry, but he stoped as soon as I picked him up and had only the smallest fever in the afternoon and is perfectly fine today.

The dr was very impressed with his walking and eating and said he was amazying...we already knew that though :)

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