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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First Birthday Ended...Oh What a Day!!!

Johnny's birthday dinner was sauerkraut, dumplings, and calbasi...a Dennison family favorite. Much to the shock of his Aunts and Uncles, Johnny ate every bite...then had spaghetti noodles and shrimp...his first shrimp...and hey big surprise...he liked that too :) There is nothing he won't eat...and yet there are things he prefers...LIKE CAKE!!!

I think the cake pictures speak for themselves :)
This is the chair that Grams and Pops got Johnny! Holy Crap it is nice and cute and I love it!
HE CAN READ!! Okay he is just pretending, but that is still very cute!
Opening books from Grams and Pops

Reading his Dr. Seuss Birthday book. It is one of Mommy's favorites and I still read it every year and so will he.
The end of a very long day and getten ready for bed.
So it is over...Johnny is ONE. I can deal with that eventually....
Believe it or not I held back on the pictures :) Just a cute array. It was a lot of fun this evening and very sweet. Our family sat around talking and watching the house be run over with kids...really they were every where laughing and screaming and having a lot of fun!
A Run Down of what he has gotten:
Momma and Daddy got Johnny a play door and a truck of blocks (more to come)
Grams and Pops got Johnny a leather chair, a wagon, and Dr Seuss Books
Grandma Sharon and GG Storm sent a pop up tent and tunnel play set
Tara ,Tim and Kat send Johnny toy drum set
Uncle Tommy and Aunt Natalie got Johnny a Turtle sand box and green sand
Ella gave Johnny Wuzzbe
Uncle Chuckles, Aunt Chel and Wyatt got Johnny a very cool sprinkler and a Indians jacket
Grandma Joyce sent a very cute card and money
God Mommy Chrissy sent a cute baby blessing ornament and card
Aunt Cookie sent a sweet card as well as GG Storm, and Aunti Pat
We are over whelmed!!!! Everyone has been so sweet and Johnny's birthday has been wonderful for all of us!! I hope that I have thanked each one of you personally because this is not the best way, but again THANK YOU!!! I am going to hang up all of his cards in his room!
So the day is ended and I am drained. I spent a lot of time crying this morning about having a ONE year old and this afternoon just went and got done everything that I needed to, but now I am coming to a close....I have nothing else to say. Yes he is no longer a baby, but this day just makes me realise how many more birthday and years we have to come...and that makes me very happy and super excited!!


Tara said...

Honestly, having a 4 month old right now I can't even imagine her at 1 year. It's so much hard work, that honestly I think you should look at it as an accomplishment! You survived 1 year of motherhood :) You managed to pilot through infancy, and you got your little man to 1 year old- happy, healthy, smart, handsome, and lovable. Congrats mommy, you should get a present too!!

PS- I'm loving the cake pictures!

Natalie said...

Okay Jen, You are way too on top of things.! I can't believe you saved cookies from the day he was born! C'mon, give the rest of us mortal moms a chance!
Now just remember that you are going to have to do the exact same thing for everyone of your six other boys...:)
Congrats on a great day and even more congrats on such a fine young boy!