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Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthday Party

Super brow and super mess

Uncle Tommy feeding Johnny his third lunch. Mommy made a special Shepard's pie.

Papa letting Johnny see cousin Wyatt...Johnny loves babies!

Johnny's new Indians Pull Over wind breaker...thanks Uncle Chuckles

Johnny and his bubble lawn mower...this toy is so cool...it even sounds like a lawn mower...thanks Litterals!!

Our baby's first birthday party!

Johnny's birthday party has come and gone...momma needs a nap and a break...we can't do this again for a year...oh momma is so funny hehehehe
It was a very nice day! Some of our friends couldn't come and I felt disappointed, but I think it just shows me I have to get out and meet people and keep friends better. Our family was all there and our friends Jeff, Cheryl and Chloe came and they were so much fun! Chloe is about 19 months old and Johnny just adores her! We over decorated the house is green and four leaf clovers, had pots of gold and cookies every where, as well as some green mint tea that did not come out very well! I burnt Johnny's tongue on some Shepard's pie and then stuck my hand in the pitcher of tea to get an ice cube to make him feel better...opps on both accounts.
I wish Johnny could remember this birthday when he gets older! He will have a couple hundred pictures, a scrapbook and big book of keep sakes and all I can really hope for is that all of those things give him the loved and loving feeling we all felt this past week.

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Jen said...

Looks like the party went great! LOVE the cake! Glad it all went well!