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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Due Date Birthday

It has been a year!!!! This day last year I was angry at not having gone into labor, scratching my belly, trying to breath through the 8 lb baby squishing my organs and trying to keep the swelling down. Oh my god I was so uncomfortable! (and why do I want to do all that again?)
Holy crap I can't believe it has been a year. I never thought we would be back in Maryland, that I would still have not lost the weight and that my son would be so cute, so smart and so mobile. You always know your child will be the smartest cutest most advance child ever, but they are always more then you could have imagined. Johnny is definitely that. Exactly how I thought he would be and exactly different too. I remember fearing that he would pee on me every time I changed his diaper...he never peed on me, Shawn, Grams, Pops, nurses but never me :)
also it was a year ago today that I got the phone call from my best friend that she was pregnant!! Now she has a beautiful 3 month old girl!

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Tara said...

Your blog inspired me :) it's our day :)