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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Birthday Lunch

That is right he is ONE TODAY!!! Look at how is has grown, how beautful he is!

Daddy getting Johnny's special Birthday lunch ready! Steak and mashed potatoes! Mommy had outback right after she had Johnny a year ago so...steak is Mommy's favorite meal and treat so I wanted to share that with him today.
Oh ya he liked it!! He did an amazing job! He took each small cut of steak and I watched him chew and chew and chew...and he loved it all!
Then a special cookie, which he took bites out of whole, like a big boy.
So 12:44 has come and passed and Johnny is a full year old. We picked Shawn up from work and realised we were all together and this time last year Johnny was laying in my arms crying and I was holding him for the first time. I hugged him and squeezed him today too and told him about those first moments a year ago. Later Shawn pulled him onto his lap and hugged him close too. That moment a year ago when we really became a family defines who we are today. The three of us are closer then ever and happy living together day by day loving each other.
I am dealing with this better then I thought I would. I am focusing on making this a special for Johnny and that makes me feel really good!!

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